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Social Enterprise Challenge Update

Hello All -

The deadline for submissions to the Social Enterprise Challenge closed yesterday. I'm pleased to say that I received a wide range of submissions from across the Maritimes, from the concept stage on up to taking an established enterprise to scale in new markets. The applicants ranged from individuals, to informal community groups, to social purpose businesses, to registered charities. I want to thank my colleagues for helping to promote the Challenge, and acknowledge the good work done by the many applicants. Now, it's my turn to get to work, reviewing the applications and making the tough decision about who will win the five days of my consulting time. I'm hoping to make the announcement a week from today, on 1 June. After that, I'll keep you informed as the project unfolds through a short series of blog posts.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please check out my previous posts and also my new "Funding" page, where I present some of the best options for securing funding for social enterprise consulting and training.

All the best,


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