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(The Deadline for Applications has Closed.)

Social Enterprise Challenge: FAQ


To help get the word out about my new consultancy, I'm running a special promotion: The Social Enterprise Challenge. For the Challenge, I'm looking to recruit a high-potential social enterprise and provide them with 5 days of my time (the use of which will be jointly determined), absolutely free of charge. That's right: 5 days, no fee.

All I ask is that I can make an announcement about the winner and write a few blog posts (approved by the winner) about the work that we do together.


Any individual, group, organization, business, or municipality is eligible to apply on behalf of their new or existing social enterprise. Who you are is less important than what you want to do, and the potential impact it might have for your community and the world.


To apply, send me your answers to the following questions:

1) What is the applicant's name and full contact information?

2) What are you calling your social enterprise?

3) Where are you in the developmental process? At the idea stage? Actively in development? Just launched? Already in business?

4) What products or services are you proposing to sell (or are already selling)?

5) Who are the customers (intended or actual) who will buy your products or services?

6) What is the community issue that you're looking to address through your social enterprise? In what community?

7) If you were wildly successful with your social enterprise, how would things be better for your community?

8) What successes have you already achieved?

9) Where are you stuck?

10) After reviewing this site, how do you feel I can help?

Your answers needs to be submitted in English, in writing, no more than 500 words, as a PDF file. While not required, please feel free to provide media attachments such as photos, video links, etc.


The application deadline for this round of the Challenge is now closed. Please refer to my blog for updates on how the currently-supported Challenge project is progressing. Click here if you want to be notified about the next round.

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